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After our quick stop in the east village for Very Berry, we hopped on the subway and headed to Flurt, a small shop in midtown east. Flurt is a cute frozen yogurt store with lots of interesting seating (there’s cool wood panelling and fun – but wobbly – chairs). It’s pretty small (only four of five tables), but very chic:

IMG_2027 (Small)

Flurt’s Results:

1. Size of the hole:

There’s NO HOLE! WOW! Amazing!! We’re off to a good start…

2. Tanginess vs. creaminess: On a scale from 1 to 5 (one being tangy and five being creamy), Flurt scored a 2.5, leaning more towards tangy.

3. Topping Variety:

Flurt had lots of basic toppings, including pomegranate seeds. Their fruit toppings were stored in metal containers and the dry toppings (including cereal and coconut shavings) were in colorful bowls.

4. Fruit quality:On a scale of one to five (one being over/under ripe and five being perfectly ripe), Flurt scored a PERFECT 5!! Their blueberries were large and plump and their mangoes were very ripe.

5. Calories per ounce: Flurt had 23g calories/ounce.

6. Price per ounce: Flurt clocked in at 72 cents/ounce.

7. Atmosphere/quality of service:Flurt had a really pleasant wheatgrass smell while we were visiting (similar to Jamba Juice’s, but BETTER). There was some upbeat music playing in the background and surprisingly, there were a lot of surveillance cameras watching us eat our frozen yogurt.

8. Iciness vs. Smoothness: On a scale of one to five (one being icy and five being smooth), we rated Flurt a 2; slightly more icy than smooth.

9. Number of flavors:Flurt only has one flavor: plain Greek strained yogurt.

10. Resilience to heat:

IMG_2033 (Small)

The yogurt was VERY resilient to heat and we saw very little melting.

11. Topping Quantity/Presentation:

IMG_2031 (Small)

The guys working at Flurt that night was very nice – he gave us lots of toppings. Frozen yogurt + lots of toppings = happy judges.

Final results:

Ariel’s results are missing because he had to go back to work, but everyone else thought Flurt really hit the spot. Flurt’s final score was a high4.21/5.0. I was pleasantly surprised with Flurt’s frozen yogurt and I’m waiting for them to open more stores around the city. Tomorrow, we will visit Berry Wild, where we’ll have TWO reviews!

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