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Today’s my last post about the FRO-YOLYMPICS (until we do the FRO-YOLYMPICS Summer competition)! I hope you enjoyed all of the posts (I definitely enjoyed eating frozen yogurt for an entire day). Sorry it’s taken me so long to post this final entry, but things in New York have been extremely hectic. Thank you, Tricia, for writing me an e-mail expressing your concern ๐Ÿ™‚ For the last month or so, my brother and I have been looking for an apartment to rent (we’re moving out of my UES apartment). I’ll let you guys know more about my new apartment later, but let’s get onto the final results for the fro-yolympics!

Based on all of our results, the winner of the tour is:


Here’s everyone doing a celebratory jump in front of the store:

(After we ate at Flurt, we pretty much knew the results so I thought it would be a good idea to take a victory picture). Bethany and Faire couldn’t make it into the picture, but they were happily jumping along on the sidelines. We gave Flurt top honors because everyone agreed that their yogurt had a superior taste, texture, and presentation compared to all of the other places we visited on our tour. Also, the ambiance was very pleasant and we couldn’t get over the great wheat-grass smell when we walked into Flurt. Here’s a complete listing of all the places from the tour:

First place: FLURT!
Second place: Oko
Third place: 40 Carrots
Fourth place: Berry Wild Kinda Icy
Fifth place: Crazy Bananas
Sixth place: Pinkberry
Seventh place: Berry Wild
Eighth place: Very Berry
Ninth place: Red Mango

I know some of you are huge fans of Yolato, Red Mango, and Pinkberry and might be shocked (and upset) with the results. I was really disappointed with the results too, but that’s why we’re making the fro-yolympics tour an semi-annual event – you can have more input in the next tour and make your favorite yogurt place known! If you strongly disagreed with the results, please write about it in the comments or send me an email at gracenotesnyc at gmail dot com.

At the end of the fro-yolympics, some people couldn’t eat frozen yogurt for the next couple of weeks (JUSTIN). I, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of the stuff but decided to stick to the non-frozen plain yogurt for the next couple of days (okay, two days). Even though Flurt was the winner, I’m still a big fan of all the places and have been back to the majority of them since the tour concluded (especially my first love, Pinkberry. I know it wasn’t ranked well, but I still love it!! Surprisingly, I haven’t been back to Flurt). I think the others have also gone back to eating frozen yogurt – Justin and I found Orva’s (in Grand Central) carries Frogurt in VANILLA, which is extremely delicious as well. I go everyday!

For our next tour, we’ll head to other frozen yogurt shops that have opened up since the conclusion of the fro-yolympics (including Yoqua Bar, Snowberry, Eks, and one located in the deli across from Union Square Cafe. If I’m missing any places, let me know!). I’ve sampled three of the four and I’m excited to add them to the roster to hear everyone else’s opinions. I’m setting the tentative date for the next fro-yolympics around late April/early May (before the lines get ridiculously long) – it would be great to have more people join in on the fun!!! Until then, we return to our regularly scheduled food reviews:


Reader Comments

As interesting as the froyolympics were, I’m looking forward to reading about (and viewing) the other eats going on in your life in nyc. I’m an LA girl that has a big (and rather disgustingly, horrifically) appetite for good eats who will also be taking a short trip to nyc this coming may. I’m compiling my list, and I’m hoping to you use you as a sound referral guide!

Cookies and cakes,
Another fellow Grace (I kid you not).

Written By Not another Grace Yi (Project) on March 14th, 2008 @ 2:55 pm

Oh, did you see this:

I saw some Yolato bars in associated in Brooklyn the other day.
Didn’t bite though!

I have a feeling they would be kind of bland…

Written By sherri on May 21st, 2008 @ 2:27 pm

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