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After being in the Soho/Greenwich village area for the majority of the afternoon, we took the subway to Astor place to visit Very Berry. I’d never even heard of Very Berry before (and neither had anyone on the tour), but we were excited to try their frozen yogurt (even though I’d read less than stellar reviews about the place). Very Berry is relatively new (it opened on Saint Mark’s place on Halloween 2007):

I’m still amazed that everyone was such a trooper on the tour – we spent an ENTIRE day eating frozen yogurt for this tour (No bathroom breaks! No stops for solid food!)

Very Berry’s Results:

1. Size of the hole:

VERY BIG HOLE!!! We were SHOCKED! I mean, DO YOU SEE HOW BIG IT IS?! You could hide things in that freaking hole!

2. Tanginess vs. creaminess: On a scale from 1 to 5 (one being tangy and five being creamy), Very Berry scored a 2, leaning more towards creamy.

3. Topping Variety:

All of the toppings were stored in air-tight containers, similar to Oko. They had berries, cereals, and basic toppings the other frozen yogurt stores carried, but they also carry interesting toppings like jelly beans.

4. Fruit quality:

On a scale of one to five (one being over/under ripe and five being perfectly ripe), Very Berry scored a very respectable 4!

5. Calories per ounce: Very Berry did not have their nutritional information available yet, but we ordered a 12 ounce container. The frozen yogurt server told me that the information would be out soon, but I haven’t been back since.

6. Price per ounce: Very Berry clocked in at 72 cents/ounce.

7. Atmosphere/quality of service: There were cute paintings of cherries and other fruits on Very Berry’s walls. Top 40 hits were playing in the background and the place was pretty empty. There were two people working the night we went both neither were very helpful (especially when I asked about nutritional information).

8. Iciness vs. Smoothness: On a scale of one to five (one being icy and five being smooth), we rated Very Berry a 1.5; VERRRRY icy!

9. Number of flavors: there are 3 flavors at Verry Berry – original, blueberry, and green tea. We sampled the blueberry and it had a medicinal flavor – it wasn’t natural at all.

10. Resilience to heat:

The yogurt was surprisingly resilient to heat and we didn’t see much meltage.

11. Presentation:

IMG_2021 (Small)

We all liked the presentation at Very Berry; they distributed the toppings evenly throughout the frozen yogurt and each bite was a tasty combination of mango, mochi, and raspberry.

Final results:

We were pretty happy with the yogurt, as you can see from the results. We weren’t happy that there was no nutritional information available and we kind of thought the mango tasted like it came out of a can (it was either out of a can or a day old because it tasted gummy). We gave Very Berry a final score of 3.19/5.0. Tomorrow, on our 7th day of the fro-yolympics, we’ll head to Murray Hill, where we’ll sample Flurt’s frozen yogurt!

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