FRO-YOLYMPICS DAY 8: Berry Wild (smooth and kinda icy)

By grace.g.yang ยท February 19, 2008
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Berry Wild Smooth and kinda icy:

Our second to last stop was Berry Wild, a place that Justin found one day after stumbling out of a bar in the neighborhood. Justin knows the area around Berry Wild very well; Tonic, the bar across the street from Berry Wild, is Justin’s second home. Berry Wild is special for two reasons (well, two that I know of): 1. they have a kosher-friendly frozen yogurt and 2. they have two ways of preparation – smooth and “kinda icy” (their phrase). Smooth is very similar to 40 carrots’ yogurt while kinda icy is like Pinkberry’s. We tried both (OBVIOUSLY). We’re evaluating both types of frozen yogurt here, but separately. Today will be a DOUBLE post. Berry Wild’s storefront:

Berry Wild Results:

1. Size of the hole:

I only took a picture for kinda icy’s hole, but the hole was *very* small for both frozen yogurts.

2. Tanginess vs. creaminess: On a scale from 1 to 5 (one being tangy and five being creamy), Berry Wild’s kinda icy scored a tangy 2 and smooth scored a 4 (smooth was much more creamy).

3. Topping Variety:

Berry Wild had a creative raspberry truffle chocolate chip topping you could add to your yogurt. I think it would go well with the smooth frozen yogurt since it was creamy like ice cream.

4. Fruit quality: On a scale of one to five (one being over/under ripe and five being perfectly ripe), Berry Wild scored a perfect 5!! Their blueberries were large and plump and their mangoes were very ripe (just like Flurt’s fruit!)

5. Calories per ounce: Berry Wild only had nutritional information for their special flavor, Caribou coffee. It had 23g calories/ounce (but it wasn’t being served during our tour).

6. Price per ounce: Berry Wild clocked in at 63 cents/ounce (both types of frozen yogurt were the same price).

7. Atmosphere/quality of service: Berry Wild had cool looking chairs and tables all over the place. Also, they have a Purell hand-sanitizer dispenser by the front door so you can clean up after eating frozen yogurt (how thoughtful!).

8. Iciness vs. Smoothness: On a scale of one to five (one being icy and five being smooth), we rated Berry Wild’s kinda icy a 2; slightly more icy than smooth and Berry Wild’s smooth a 5 (VERY SMOOTH).

9. Number of flavors: Berry Wild only has plain and coffee (although coffee wasn’t working the day we went).

10. Resilience to heat:

(Kinda icy – left, smooth – right)

Kinda icy did better than smooth in the resilience to heat category, but both yogurts had some meltage.

11. Topping Quantity/Presentation:

Kinda icy (with mangoes):

Smooth (blueberries and raspberries):

Berry Wild was very generous with their toppings (look at how much fruit they gave us!). We were very happy with the results.

Final Results:

As you can see from the results, we had a mixed reaction with both frozen yogurts. Dan and Bethany preferred the smooth frozen yogurt (they also really enjoyed 40 carrot’s frogurt), but Chris preferred kinda icy (Chris and I have always liked the icy consistency of Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt). Smooth scored a 3.71/5.0 and kinda icy scored a 3.43/5.0. Even though Chris and I preferred the kinda icy consistency, the majority of our tour still leans toward the old-fashioned smooth and creamy style of frozen yogurt. Tomorrow, on our last day of the frozen yogurt tour, we will visit Crazy Bananas!!

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