Aerogarden: Week 7

By grace.g.yang ยท September 9, 2009
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Sorry for the delayed Aerogarden post this week (did you notice that I didn’t post anything about the Aerogarden on Tuesday like usual?) I was in North Carolina for Labor Day and landed on Tuesday morning, so I didn’t get a chance to update, but I also wanted to wait until I found a new spot for my Aerogarden before I updated.

I mentioned that the basil was growing too fast and causing me to raise the arm of my Aerogarden in my post from last week. I clipped the basil so it was the same height as the other herbs, but it grew out of control again and I raised the arm before I left for Labor day because I didn’t want the basil to get burnt again. Here’s how big it is now:


It seems like the herbs on the right are doing a lot better than the herbs on the left. I wonder if this is because of the way I placed my herbs to begin with? A breakdown of individual herbs:


Oregano isn’t going to be ready anytime soon, especially because some of the leaves turned brown on me over the weekend. I clipped them off after taking the photo and hopefully they will do better during the weekend.


The thyme is out of control, but it’s really tangled and part of it is a little brown because the basil is covering up the back end of it, causing it to lose a lot of light. I want to make something with thyme this weekend, but I’m not sure what I’ll make yet….suggestions?


The mint has grown significantly, but I plucked a leaf the other day and surprisingly, it did not taste like mint at all. Actually, it didn’t really have any taste whatsoever. I was too scared to try another piece, but will try again once the leaves get larger.


The basil has grown a lot even though I keep pruning it, but the leaves aren’t enough to make a pesto…yet. They also don’t grow fast enough for me to keep some in the fridge (trust me, I tried it and it did not work out so well). I looked up some lemon basil sorbet recipes and will hopefully have enough basil for the sorbet this weekend.


The dill looked pretty healthy yesterday, but this morning when I checked on it, it was falling backwards (slightly). I’m worried about the dill because it hasn’t grown that many leaves, but hopefully it will do better because I just got the light to add nutrients.


The chives are two strong stems and hopefully there will be more as the week progresses.

Since I extended the arm for the Aerogarden again, I had to find a new home for it as well. Placing it in the living room is out of the question because it’s too bright, but I have a small rolling cart in the kitchen and I placed the garden on the edge of the cart, leaning against the wall. Originally, I had my stand mixer on the cart, but since it’s a little shorter than the Aerogarden, I’ve switched spots and now the mixer is back on the kitchen counter. The Aerogarden seems to be doing well on the cart (next to my blender) and hopefully I can keep it there since there are no height restrictions.

I just added nutrients after I took the pictures so I’m excited to see what the herbs look like next week. Stay tuned!

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