Aerogarden: Week 6

By grace.g.yang ยท August 31, 2009
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For the past 6 weeks, I have been diligently taking care of my Aerogarden (when I say diligently, I mean I haven’t turned off the lights so the Aerogarden has been able to grow and take care of itself). In the beginning, I had 6 pods with herbs. Now, I have actual herbs that I can use:


Last week, I mentioned that I had to find a new resting place for the Aerogarden because I had to extend the arm due to the basil overgrowth. Well, luckily, someone left me a comment and told me to prune my basil because by extending the arm, I was weakening the other plants. Thank you, Staci, for giving me awesome advice! I pruned the basil last week and now it’s back in my corner (saving me lots of space AND helping my herbs!)

Also, last week the light for more nutrients lit up, which was kind of a surprise to me because I thought it was on a bi-weekly basis. I fed the water just because I was curious to see the growth and I wanted to stop the blinking light (you can easily turn it off, but I figured I’d just feed the plants at the same time). Here is the newly pruned basil:


Two days after I pruned it down, it basically grew brand new leaves. I’m going to use the basil to make lemon basil sorbet, something I tried at Whole Foods a long time ago that I thought last week when it was really hot and muggy outside.

There is one single chive sprouting up (quite high, actually), and I’m excited to see more chives come out of the pod soon:


The oregano is growing quite nicely, but one problem I’m seeing with some of the plants is that they need some guidance to grow straight:


The thyme is absolutely a mess now, meaning I need to start using it!:


The mint is starting to grow like a weed (finally!) and it’s starting to mix with the thyme a bit:


Finally, the dill grew a bit this weekend:


Still in very early stages of growth, but hopefully in another two weeks I’ll have something I can use!

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