After a Friday evening dinner at Pearl Oyster Bar, Ken and I walked along Bleecker Street to find dessert. We walked by Yogorino, an Italian-based frozen yogurt chain that has popped up all over New York. We went in because I purchased a groupon for small frozen yogurts (I can’t resist a good deal on […]

New Pinkberry Toppings!

Ken and I did a mandatory Pinkberry run over the weekend and saw these new toppings next to the usual fruit and dry toppings: The fishballs are Pinkberry’s newest topping (at least at the K-town location) and originally I thought they were boba balls (like the balls in bubble tea) but they’re actually a jelly-like […]

16 Handles

A long time ago, I saw the daily Groupon, which featured 16 Handles frozen yogurt. $8 for $16 worth of frozen yogurt, a pretty good deal (or so I thought). Of course I waited until the very last minute to redeem my coupons (I bought TWO) because every time I was in the neighborhood, I […]

Yoplait Greek Yogurt and Stop & Shop Giveaway!

Congrats commenter #8! Yoplait and Stop & Shop teamed up with MyBlogspark to send me four Yoplait Greek yogurts to sample as well as information about these yogurts – 2 strawberry and 2 honey. I like the texture as an alternative to Fage, Chobani, and other Greek yogurts on the market, however, they premix the […]

Free Pinkberry!

Did anyone else get free pinkberry on Friday night? I went to TWO places: Bleecker Street and Union Square. However, they were SUPER stingy on their toppings (at Bleecker Street, they put literally 3 blueberries on my mango). Here’s my pinkberry mini from Union Square: The mango frozen yogurt doesn’t taste as good as the […]

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