The Fight Diet

By grace.g.yang ยท March 4, 2011
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I’ve been posting less these days because I haven’t been on any amazing dining adventures recently. Why? Because I decided to join in an office diet, The Fight Diet, helping us lose weight, develop good habits and exercise more.

I’m on my last couple of days (it’s a 21 day fight…for your life) and the first couple of days were brutal; the diet requires 5-6 feedings a day (not a problem), but limits women to 1300 calories a day (kind of a problem) without any grain, milk, cheese, desserts, sugar, cream sauces, breaded items, or fruit juice (definitely a problem). The first couple of nights, I’d make a list of all the foods I really missed. Poor Ken had to listen to my 20 minute list (no exaggeration – the list included almost every type of bread/dessert/sweet/cheese ever made) but eventually, I’ve weened myself off processed foods. I’m not saying I won’t be running to The Doughnut Plant after tonight’s weigh in, but I will be making healthier decisions (I hope).

You’re also supposed to exercise 4-5 times a week which I’ve been trying to follow (if you follow my foursquare or twitter, you’ll notice that I’ve been doing bikram yoga a lot). I really did feel like crap the first couple of times I went, but I haven’t done bikram yoga since last summer and it took some time to adjust. Now, my body craves the heat (so weird!) and I can’t wait to go every night (or morning when I manage to wake up in time).

The results? Absolutely amazing! I’ve lost 7 pounds so far and have been keeping really good habits – eating more organic proteins and vegetables, making my lunch and exercising every day. The diet ends today and we’ll do our final weigh ins – I am 3 pounds away from my ideal weight so I might continue on the diet, but definitely let loose a bit (I haven’t had steak in such a long time it literally hurts my heart)

Next, I’m trying a juice cleanse – something I’ve never thought I would ever do, but it seems interesting and challenging and hopefully it will help me detox a bit more. But before I start my cleanse on May 16th, I’ll be indulging a bit (starting with a nice steak dinner tonight at Benjamin’s Steakhouse followed by a huge team lunch at a location TBD).

Have you ever tried diets with success?

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