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By grace.g.yang ยท February 18, 2010
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So, remember how I said I’d never go back to Ed’s Lobster Bar? Well, things changed on Sunday night (Valentine’s Day) because Brooke and Angie were in the mood for lobster rolls and I couldn’t take them to my usual spots (Pearl Oyster Bar or my backup Mary’s Fish Camp) because they’re both closed on Sunday’s. I also didn’t want to go to Lure because I went the previous week with my college roommate (post coming up next week). Another thing to consider: we were going out in the meatpacking district after dinner and did not want to go to The Mermaid Inn because it was out of the way and they serve their lobster rolls on an actual brioche roll. I suggested going to Ed’s and Brooke and Angie were both excited about the idea, so I didn’t tell them about the terrible experience I had the first (and last) time I visited.

We arrived at Ed’s around 9pm (they closed at 10pm on Sunday, an hour later than usual) and we sat down in the back. So far, so good. However, Angie or Brooke overheard the waitress say that they only had one lobster roll left. The waitress WOULD NOT come over to take our order even though we were all making eye contact with her and trying to get her attention. While we waited, we discussed our order: skate (a special), a lobster roll, and the lobster pot pie. As soon as the words lobster roll came out of my mouth, the waitress snapped back and said they were completely out. We asked if they could use the lobster from the 1.5 pound steamed lobster that was also on the menu and the waitress said that they had been doing it all night, but there was just not enough time for them to recreate the lobster roll in enough time. Brooke said that we were willing to wait since we were in absolutely no rush and the waitress STILL said there wasn’t enough time for them to make the lobster roll. We were really bummed, especially since the waitress had a list of things that were unavailable (not just the lobster roll); we almost decided to walk out, but magically, the waitress came back and said there was only ONE lobster roll left – if we wanted it, we had to order it immediately. We ordered the lobster roll, the skate, and the lobster pot pie (as originally planned).

As we were waiting for our dishes, I told Brooke and Angie that this experience was similar to my previous experience; they ran out of a lot of the food that was on the menu and the service was not attentive at all. I didn’t want to ruin the evening (especially since it was just us 3 girls) so we waited patiently for our food. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long and the waitress brought along our lobster roll:


The lobster roll was a huge upgrade from last time – more meat, less stringy (although still lots of little pieces instead of big chunks), and just enough mayo (and a splash of lemon). The fries were also freshy fried and not soggy like the last time I went. Enjoyable, but definitely below Pearl Oyster Bar and Mary’s Fish Camp. Even Angie said she enjoyed Pearl’s more than Ed’s (we went to Pearl Oyster Bar a couple of months back with John and they still talk about the amazing lobster rolls!) The lobster roll was also $27 (only $1 more than it was 3 years ago) HOWEVER, lobster prices were at an all time low in recent months so I don’t understand why restaurants still charge so much for the tasty crustacean.

Brooke started with the lobster pot pie:


The lobster pot pie was more of a lobster bisque with some puffed pastry on top than a pot pie. The bisque was very creamy and was more soupy than chunky; you definitely had to dig and pray for a small piece of lobster to reach your spoon. The pot pie was good, but I think it was misleading; it should be relabeled as a lobster bisque (and as an appetizer).

Angie started with the skate:


I’m a huge fan of skate and I think it was Angie and Brooke’s first time trying it. The fish was pan fried and very moist (although I would’ve preferred a little more flavor…or even salt!) The veggies, almost like a cole slaw, was slightly crunchy and flavored with bacon. We all enjoyed the dish and I think Angie and Brooke liked the texture/taste of skate.

When the bill came, we also got little chocolate lobsters:


Our meal at Ed’s Lobster Bar was a lot more enjoyable than the previous visit – I can no longer say that the restaurant is absolutely terrible, but I don’t know if I’d put it on a list of “must visits” for people coming from out of town (however, I have no problem putting Pearl Oyster Bar and Mary’s Fish Camp on my “favorites” list). Ed came out of the kitchen as the restaurant was closing, which we took as a good sign; the chef still cares enough about his restaurant to show up and cook…even on Valentine’s Day!

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