Product Review: Sweet Riot

By grace.g.yang ยท October 30, 2009
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As I mentioned in my review of Kind Bars, I’m always putting snacks in my purse/pocket so I can nibble on something throughout the day. I’m not a huge chocolate eater, but every once in a while, I enjoy some good dark chocolate. The group at Sweet Riot have come up with the perfect product for your purse (or backpack) – cacao nibs dipped in dark chocolate and dark chocolate bars with bits of cacao nibs (and raisins):


The nibs are 100% dark cacao and you can get them in three different “strengths” – dipped in 50% dark chocolate, 65% dark chocolate (my personal favorite), or 70% dark chocolate with espresso (a little too strong for me). The tins are on the small side, but they hold about 140 differently sized nibs. The tins also use art from Sweet Rioters (you can see the actual artist name on the back of the tin). The cacao nibs are easily finished in one subway ride (or if you’re my brother, you just pop back the entire tin in your mouth and chew); after you finish the nibs, you can use it to hold little things (I use mine to hold pennies I find on the street).

If you’re not into cacao nibs or they don’t satisfy your craving for chocolate, you can also try the unBars:


When Sweet Riot sent me the sample pack, I could not get enough of these unBars. The purple packaged unBar has 65% dark chocolate with little cacao nibs inside and is more smooth dark chocolate (and less crunchy cacao nibs). The orange packaged unBar has 70% dark chocolate, cacao nibs, AND raisins. I loved the 65% unBars, but wasn’t a huge fan of the 70% unBars because the raisins weren’t evenly distributed. However, if you’re in need of a chocolate fix, ONE of these little squares definitely does it – the chocolate is really tasty and I love the cacao nibs. A little pricey (one of these bars costs about $2.25 at Whole Foods), but they usually last me the entire day and the cacao nibs add a great texture to the chocolate that you can’t find anywhere else.

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