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Over the weekend, my mom came to visit and we decided to do something I’ve never done in New York – walk the Brooklyn Bridge! I invited Joe and Ariel to tag along and we promised them pizza and ice cream once we walked into Brooklyn.

I’m surprised I’ve never walked the Brooklyn Bridge, especially since I love doing really touristy things in New York. And, who can forget the scene when Miranda walks halfway across the bridge to meet up with Steve in Sex and the City? We met up around 6:30 and started on the mile walk:


Halfway across the bridge, we took some more pictures:


The walk was very short (surprisingly) and before we knew it, we were standing in the huge line at Grimaldi’s. David rode his bike across the Brooklyn Bridge beforehand so he could get in line a little before us. Grimaldi’s:


We ended up waiting about an hour and a half, and by the time we got to order, we were all starving. Since there were 5 people, we decided to order two pies – one large with pepperoni and ham (half white because David is allergic to tomatoes):


And one large with sausage and mushrooms:


An upskirt shot:


The pizza was good, but was definitely NOT worth waiting in line for; I bet most people rave about the pizza because by the time it’s their turn to eat, they’re FAMISHED! Two complaints: the wait is ridiculously long (I mean when is the last time you waited two hours for PIZZA) and the people making the pizza unevenly distributed the pizza toppings. Also, the sausage had no flavor and the pepperoni was a lot better. The pizza was a little dry (there wasn’t enough tomato sauce all over the pizza and we ended up eating large pieces of crust). David really liked his pieces without any tomato sauce because they had a lot of garlic, but I thought it was all a little bland. Add more salt!

Will I ever go back? Probably not – the wait was way too long for pizza and it’s better in Manhattan (plus, John’s actually picks up their phones so you can place the order and by the time you walk over, you bypass the long lines they usually have). However, I would walk across the Brooklyn Bridge again – it’s quite a short walk and the views of Manhattan (on the way back) are beautiful!

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I agree completely your review of Grimaldi’s. The pizza is certainly tasty, but it’s not worth the egregiously long wait. Grimaldi’s is one of those hyped-up tourist hotspots. It’s worth going once just to check it out, but I probably wouldn’t go back either. Plus, the cash only stipulation is a bit annoying too.

The most amazing pizza I’ve ever had was in Seattle at this cute restaurant called Serious Pie. There aren’t ridiculously long lines (or any actually), but I would wait for this pizza!

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