Fatty Crab

By grace.g.yang · September 24, 2007
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After making reservations at The Waverly Inn for our Friday night dinner, I realized that the menu at The Waverly is pretty limited and the food wasn’t THAT great there. We decided to skip out on our Waverly reservations and opted for a meal at Fatty Crab instead.

On my walks/runs around the west village, I’ve always passed the small eatery (and I’ve always been tempted to walk in), but the menu was a little too…fatty for me. Yes, even I have limits to the amount of fat I put in my body….but this was a special occasion – I mean, how many Fridays are there in a week?! Chris and I decided to go all out based on my friend’s suggestions – starting out with the watermelon and pork salad (basically combining two of my favorite foods):

The pork was super fatty – I mean, fattier than usual pork. Since it was so incredibly heart clogging, it was also really juicy and tasty. The watermelon was seasoned with ginger and I’m not a fan of making sweet foods salty (you know, like putting pineapple in salty dishes, apples in salads, etc), but if you ate the watermelon separately, it actually tasted really refreshing and sweet. It was a great way to start the meal, although I would’ve asked for more pork next time (we got quite a few pieces of fried FAT).

I ordered the signature dish – the fatty crab:

One dungeonous crab in Fatty crab’s signature sauce with toast points. First off, the crab was ginormous (at $36, it SHOULD be!). One drawback of eating crab is that it’s so much freaking work for so little reward – seriously, crab meat is difficult to grab and I was getting TINY chunks. The crab was very tender and the sauce was interesting (it tasted very…southeast Asian-ish), but the sauce ended up giving me a headache afterwards, similar to the one I get after eating mole. Overall, we liked the crab, but our hands were so disgustingly messy after dealing with the crab and the sauce (and I am such a messy eater that I got it all over my new dress :().

Chris ordered the short ribs:

Lots of sweet coconut and a spiciness that hit you after the short ribs were in your mouth (like a sour patch kid!….but opposite…kind of) Chris said the dish accomplished what it set out to – spicy yet sweet and very comforting. The dish was a tad too sweet for me, but I liked the short ribs in small amounts.

The meal was pretty expensive – around $80 for the two of us – but it was a fun experience. If I ever went back, I’d try the quail shooters (they were so cute – four quail eggs perched on a block of wood). If you go there, try to get a table that isn’t along the wall because the tables all touch, so it’s almost family style. Have fun!

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