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By grace.g.yang ยท April 19, 2007
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Last night, Chris and I headed to one of my favourite sushi restaurants in New York: Sushi Yasuda. Getting reservations is pretty tough; we scored two seats at the sushi bar after I called relentlessly for a couple of days. We both ordered the sushi matsu – 12 pieces of sushi from the “matsu menu” and half a roll (you pick). Our sushi chef:

I’m not really good with identifying sushi (unless it’s tuna or salmon since those are easily identifiable). I ordered 2 pieces of tuna, 2 pieces of salmon, 2 pieces of eel, 2 pieces of sea bass, 2 pieces of flank (I think that’s what it’s called), and two random pieces I can’t recall. I also ordered a half roll of the King of the Universe awesomest Salmon available (or something like that). Everything is incredibly fresh and I think I prefer sitting at the sushi bar because you can watch the chef prepare your food (their knives are so sharp!). I was going to wait for all of my sushi to come out before I took the picture, but I was too hungry, so you’ll have to settle for this:

The chef also put a little soy sauce on all of the individual pieces so you didn’t have to – you could just pop the sushi into your mouth! My favorite sushi this time wasn’t the tuna, but instead, was the eel. I’m usually a big fan of eel and you really can’t go wrong with it (at least I haven’t had any really bad eel ever), but this eel was just the right temperature, had the perfect amount of sauce on it, and melted in your mouth. Even Chris, who’s not a fan of eel AT ALL enjoyed it (it reminded him of the cod we had at Nobu the week before). The half roll I got at the end of the meal was the highlight – it was a pale orange (or white) colored salmon that almost tasted like it was pureed (that’s how smooth it was). Here’s the sushi bar that we sat at:

(by the way, sorry for the pictures being slightly blurry – SOMEONE isn’t a fan of using flash in restaurants).

After dinner, we headed to Pinkberry (as usual) and waited in line for some delicious fro-yo. The lines were RIDICULOUS – AND it was raining! I can’t even imagine how the lines are going to be when the weather warms up (this weekend = upper 60’s/70’s). Maybe I should quit my job and open a Pinkberry (Darren, are you in?!).

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